Experiences, exchanges and new ways of relating

Kaaysa's activities begun in October 2017, forming a transdisciplinary interchange community. Monthly residences usually house 10 to 15 people, including artists and writers. Special groups can reach 25 people for shorter periods. The residence is intended to integrate the north coast of São Paulo into the national and international cultural circuit, transforming the city of Boiçucanga into an artistic center of creation and meeting. It uses the proximity of São Paulo as support, but seeks creative freshness: new forms of production and circulation of contemporary art / literature. Concepts such as participation, exchange and collective life are key pieces of experience that suggest collaboration with the local community.



Who has already participated



Alexandre Furcolin
Ana Paes
Anne-Julies Hynes

Beatriz Chachamovits
Bruno Dunley

Camille Kachani
Carlos Matuck
Carolina Zuppo Abed
Claudio Cretti
Cris Bierrenbach
Cris Mohalem

Daniel Barclay
Daniele Queiroz
Danilo Oliveira
Deco Adjiman
Deyson Gilbert

Flavia Junqueira

Gabriel Nehemy

Hellen McClory, Scotland
Hugo Frasa

Isadora Krieger

Jorge Medeiros
Jp Accacio
Julian Fuks
Julian Porisse

Kitty Paranagua

Laura Del Rey
Laura Gorski
Leticia Lampert
Linna Karo
Luciana Magno
Lucila Mantovani

Marcia Rosa
Marcio Lima
Margherita Isola, Italy
Maria Luiza Mazzetto

Maria Silvia Camargo
Marina Melo
Mauricio Adinolfi
Mel Mariz

Pedro França

Rafael Alves
Renata Egreja
Rodrigo Gontijo

Sally Rudkjøbing, Denmark
Sherry Wiggins, USA
Sheyla Smanioto
Silvia Carvalho

Tayná Ibanez
Thato Seboko, South Africa
Thiago Toes
Tiago Mestre, Portugal
Veridiana Leite
Vick Garaventa
Victor Leguy




Alberto Cidraes 
Anita Ekman 

Bruno Zeni

Carlos Papa 
Caue Alves
Cristiane Takuá 

Danilo Oliveira

Guillermina Bustos 

Ignacio de Loyola Brandao 

Jorge Sepulveda 
Juliana Monaschesi 
Juliano Pessanha

Katharina Eichbaum 

Lia Chaia

Marcelo Moscheta 

Nancy Betts 

Silvia Nastari
Stephane Malysse 

Victor Barao 

Warwick Manfrinato




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