A place to work and socialize

The Residency can host up to 30 artists. 

It consists of single and double rooms, individual work studios with bed, and a large collective studio. Residents have access to WI-FI, a large collective workshop, woodworking machinery, ceramic Kiln, audio studio and soon a photo laboratory. 

All rooms have a double or twin beds, a fan, a table and a mini-fridge. 

Collective kitchens are available to residents, as well as bicycles, indoor parking, swimming pool and a sports court.


Close to SÃO PAULO

The proximity of São Paulo, which is 160 km away, guarantees residents easy access to the purchase of materials and 124 museums, 160 theaters, 300 cinemas, 40 cultural centers, numerous libraries and art galleries that can serve as potential spaces for the circulation of artistic works produced in the residence.


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