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- CV (max. 300 words)

- Portfolio with 10 images (low resolution - max. 5MB in total)

- Pre-project to be developed in the residency (max. 500 words)  

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SELECTION Procedure 

The selection is made by a committee to ensure the quality of projects, and to form a cohesive and stimulating international group with different languages and artistic backgrounds, proximity to interests and possibilities of enriching exchanges. Previous experiences will be taken into account.

Funding Sources

How can the artist seek funding? 

Soon we’ll have here some suggestions / tips on how you can finance your stay in our programs. We are in a political moment in which it is important to look for new ways of making our proposals feasible. Join us. Subscribe to receive news about this issue.


1. Whoever wins a 100% scholarship needs to pay for their transportation, supplies, food and health insurance? ▾

Yes. The residency is autonomous and does not have sponsors yet. The artist can, however, apply for aid with his country's cultural institutions , foundatins or government .


2. When one pays full for the residence, does he still have to pay for his transportation, supplies, food and health insurance?▾

Yes. These items are not included in the fee. The residency is autonomous and does not have sponsors yet. The artist can, however, apply for aid with his country's cultural institutions, foundations or government. -

3. Is there any kind of financial support for the artist? ▾

No, except in specific cases where the artists expenses are sponsored by a company or institution that includes this benefit to the artist. This type of information will be always clarified in the announcement of the prize in question.


4.Is the social contribution obligatory? ▾

It is not mandatory, but is suggested by coordination, especially in cases of grants and awards. The residency undertakes to maintain a non-hierarchical exchange relationship with the community. If we are enjoying the region as a raw material for our creation, it is fair that we can give something back, that it is really useful and brings a return of value to the involved ones.


5.Do you have to be an artist to attend Kaaysa? ▾

No. On weekends and holidays, Kaaysá welcome a non-specialized audience for activities and visits to the project, in what we call the Kaaysa Experience. Stay connected to learn about our programs.


6. How long does it take from São Paulo to the residency? And what is the best way to get there? ▾

By car, Kaaysá is approximately 3 hours from São Paulo and the best road is the Imigrantes Highway. By bus, the Companhia Litorânea leaves from Tietê bus station and arrives to Boiçucanga bus station which is 5 min by car from the residency. During the daytime, we are available for rides from the bus station to the residency.


7.What is the criteria of project selection / approval? ▾

For each scholarship, we invite a group of curators, writers and other professionals to judge the projects. During our regular programs and immersions, the coordination of the residence itself makes this process from the following criteria, without hierarchy: :

a) Curriculum;
b) Excellence and artistic relevance of the project;
c) Thematic, aesthetic, literary and gestural diversity / potential;
d) Geographic decentralization, inclusion of race, color and gender;
e) Viability of carrying out the project;
f) Adherence of the project to the research potential provided by the residency.


8.How big are the groups during immersions and residencies? Can I form a group and apply for an independent program?▾

Usually groups do not exceed 12 residents, but depending on the proposal, specially in the Immersions, groups can go up to 30 participants . We value the good results and maximum benefits of the participants. It is possible to apply for an independent immersion within the Kaaysá Group modality.


9. How to collaborate with the residency? What kind of services are required?▾

We accept proposals for collaboration especially in the following areas: activities records (photo and video), content for social networks,webdesign, vegetarian cooking, environmental consulting and donation of equipment, among others.


10. How does Banko Kaaysá work? ▾

Banko Kaaysá is a way for the artist to self-sponsor his participation in the residency , by selling one of his published works online or getting an advanced payment of an art work to be developed during the residency. The agreement is made between us, the artist and the buyer in advance. The sale price in these modalities always corresponds to the artist's studio price, devoid of commercial commissions.



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