You don’t have to be an artist to come to Kaaysá

During weekends, holidays and vacations, the Residency welcome people who would like to know about the Kaaysá project.

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Friends, colleagues, people who like nature and culture, and who are interested in the project, are welcome to interact with residents and to be included in some proposed activities.


CHEFS, FOODies & people who just love to eat

The residency has special interest in welcoming chefs and interested in gastronomy. The space has the vocation to rethink the gastronomic practices with interest in food sovereignty, support to the regional cuisine, cultivation of PANCs, etc. We are ready to create tailor-made programs for groups with this interest.



The Kaaysá Residency promotes yoga and meditation classes. It has special interest and vocation to welcome therapists of different areas, interested in integrative practices. We are ready to create special programs for retreats with this interest, including vegetarian food and other synergies with art and nature.



The residency has a special interest in welcoming architects and designers willing to contribute to the local scene . We are ready to create  programs with tailor-made activities for the group.



Kaaysá welcome companies and executives to create specific programs, activities and workshops that can include talks with artists, art crash courses, ecology or indigenous culture themes.


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Between thematic, open residences and immersions focused on literature, visual arts, gastronomy, meditation and others, you can find the experience you seek to immerse yourself in your creative practice.

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