We call it home, before calling it Residency


The Residency space was built by Lourdina Jean Rabieh and her brother, Tony Rabai. It was used as a Pousada for 20 years, while Lourdina directed the Rabieh Gallery in São Paulo and was dedicated to the art and exhibition market, transiting between Europe, the Middle East, the United States and Brazil.  

The meeting with the writer Lucila Mantovani made possible the fulfillment of their dream. Lucila had varied experiences in the national and international cultural production market, researched contemporary creative processes and organized immersions in nature independently, with occasional partnerships.  

The methodology that Lucila developed was applied in the Kaaysá  Residency and continued to mature with the input of Lourdina and Tony , that resulted in using the property in an integral way throughout the year, that boosted local interest in particular.




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